KAT100 - Austria's longest ultra trail

Dear participants!

Due to the current situation, we receive many inquiries whether the KAT100 will take place in August as planned. At this point in time we are not able to make a definitive statement! As you all know, we have to comply with the conditions set by our government and are currently still in the process of coordination. We hope to receive more detailed information in the coming weeks. Please give us some time until then.

Of course, we would be very happy to welcome you in the PillerseeTal. Until then, stay healthy!

Conceptualised, conceived and carried out as the ultimate trail run by Thomas Bosnjak, the 100 miles lead across the most scenic and challenging peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps. It is a tribute to the passion for running and for nature.

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KAT100 2020 – from 6. to 8. August 2020

KAT100 2021 – from 5. to 7. August 2021

Get ready for the KAT100!

Also the right setting is important for an ideal training. Here you can find the most beautiful trail running tracks in the PillerseeTal.


Total distance of all tracks

Total elevation gain of all tracks
meters of altitude

all on

in the Kitzbüheler Alps

The track

The route is 95% fixed. Changes will be made in the upcoming weeks in consultation with the owners. The KAT100 is noticed positively by the whole region. Participants run only on marked trails and will be disqualified when shortcutting and leaving the given course. The runners are checked by a GPS tracker according to the announcement.

KAT100 Miles

Fieberbrunn center



 Track details

ITRA/UTMB: 6 points




KAT100 Ekiden Trail

1x 91,5km | 5.100hm
1x 82,7 km | 4.870hm

On the track of KAT100miles.

Fieberbrunn center


GPS Download | Part 1 | Part 2

Track details | Part 1 | Part 2

ITRA/UTMB: 4 points





Endurance Trail

Fieberbrunn center

Finish: Kitzbühel City Center


GPS Download

Track details

ITRA/UTMB: 4 Points





KAT100 Marathon

Fieberbrunn Center


GPS Download

Track details

ITRA/UTMB: 3 Punkte

KAT100 Speed Trail

Fieberbrunn center


GPS Download

Track details

ITRA/UTMB: 1 point


KAT100 Easy Trail

Fieberbrunn Center


GPS Download

Track details




August 8-10th 2020

Donnerstag 6. August 2020Ereignis
12 pm to 4 pmBib numbers issued KAT100 MILES/EKIDEN/ENDURANCE TRAIL
4 pmRacebriefing KAT100 MILES + EKIDEN TRAIL start equipment
from 5.30 pmAccess to the start area incl. inspection of equipment
from 6 pmStart KAT100miles + Ekiden Trail + Endurance Trail
Freitag 7. August 2020Ereignis
07.08.2020 from 4.30 pmFirst Finishers in Kitzbühel Endurance Trail
07.08.2020 from 12 pm to 7 pmBib numbers issued + registration for latecomers Marathon Trail/Speed Trail/ Easy Trail/ Kids Trail
07.08.2020 at 5 pmStart of the competitions Kids Trail
07.08.2020 from 6 pmCarbo loading in Hotel Alte Post until 9 pm
07.08.2020 from 7 pmFirst finishers KAT100 MILES & EKIDEN TRAIL
07.08.2020 from 7.30 pmofficial opening KAT100 Miles 2020
07.08.2020 8 pmVictory ceremony Kids Trail
07.08.2020 8.30 pmReports from the KAT100 Miles route + Warm Up
Samstag 08. August 2020Ereignis
08.08.2020 6 amBib numbers issued + registration for latecomers (Marathon Trail/Speed Trail)
08.08.2020 6.30 amAccess to the start area incl. inspection of equipment
08.08.2020 7 amStart KAT100 MARATHON TRAIL
08.08.2020 from 7 to 8 amBib numbers issued + registration for latecomers (Speed Trail)
08.08.2020 8 amRacebriefing KAT100 SPEED TRAIL in the start area
08.08.2020 from 8.30 amAccess to the start area incl. inspection of equipment
08.08.2020 9 amStart KAT100 SPEED TRAIL
08.08.2020 11 amCarbo loading in Hotel Alte Post until 10 pm
08.08.2020 from 11.00 pmFirst Finishers KAT100 SPEED TRAIL
08.08.2020 from 12.00 to 4.00 pmBib numbers issued + registration for latecomers (Easy Trail)
10.08.2019 from 1.30 pmFirst finishers KAT100 Marathon Trail
08.08.2020 from 4.30 pmAccess to the start area incl. inspection of equipment
08.08.2020 from 4.55 pmRace briefing KAT100 Easy Trail in the start area
08.08.2020 5 pmStart KAT100 Easy Trail
08.08.2020 8.00 pmVictory ceremony KAT100 disciplines
08.08.2020 from 9 pmKAT100 After Race Party open end
08.08.2020 09 pmLast finishers KAT100MILES + MARATHON TRAIL

Spectators Infos

August, 6-8th 2020

Transit time KAT100 Miles + Ekiden Trail + Endurance Trail (bis Kitzbühel)

Wildseeloderhaus06.08. approx. 7.15 pm
Hochfilzen06.08. approx. 8.15 pm
Buchensteinwand06.08. approx. 9.30 pm
St. Ulrich am Pillersee06.08. approx. 10.15 pm
Waidring06.08. approx. 11.00 pm
Adlerspoint07.08. approx. 1.30 am
St. Johann in Tirol07.08. approx. 2.30 am
Kitzbüheler Horn07.08. approx. 4.30 am
Kitzbühel07.08. approx. 05.30 am
Bergrestaurant Pengelstein07.08. approx. 07.30 am
Jochberg07.08. approx. 10.15 am
Ostweg07.08. approx. 2.15 pm
Oberaurach bei Kitzbühel07.08. approx. 2.45 pm
Berggasthaus Hochwildalm07.08. approx. 4.45 pm
Wildseeloderhaus07.08. approx. 6.00 pm
Ziel Fieberbrunn07.08. approx. 07.00 pm

Transit time KAT100 Marathon Trail

Buchensteinwand08.08. approx. 7.45 am
St. Ulrich am Pillersee08.08. approx. 8.15 am
St. Johann in Tirol08.08. approx. 9.45 am
Kitzbüheler Horn08.08. approx. 11.15 am
Wolkenmoos Alm08.08. approx. 12.00 pm
Fieberbrunn08.08. approx. 12.45 pm

Transit time Speed Trail

Streuböden08.08. approx. 09.30 am
Wildseeloderhaus08.08. approx. 10.00 am
Lärchfilzhochalm08.08. approx. 10.30 am
Fieberbrunn08.08. approx. 11.00 am

First runners finish

KAT100 Miles07.08.2020 from 7.00 pm
KAT100 Ekiden Trail (2er Staffel)07.08.2020 from 8.00 pm
KAT100 Endurance Trail07.08.2020 from 5.30 pm (in Kitzbühel)
KAT100 Marathon Trail08.08.2020 from 12.45 pm
KAT100 Speed Trail08.08.2020 from 11.00 am

Please note that due to weather conditions like temperatures over 25 degrees or snow, transit times can be approx. 1-2 hours later!

Pictures KAT100

Videos 2019

Here you can find some videos of the KAT100 Trailrunning event, from start to finish!

Impressions 2019

Here you can find a selection of our trail photographers, the participant pictures of Sportshot, as well as more KAT100 pictures.


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