Conditions of participation in Social media - contests

Period, participation rules and prize

The contest begins at the time of the posting and ends in the date to which is expelled in the posting. A participation in the contest is possible only within this period (in the following "action period"). After the end of the action period received comments / photos or other interactions are not considered any more.
The lottery takes place on the timeline of the Facebook fan page of KAT100 ( / kat100miles/). The participation in the lottery occurs by commenting of the lottery contribution. As a price a start place to the value of up to 240€ is to be won. The participation in the action is free and not bound to the acquisition by goods and/or services.

Participation authorisation

People who are in possession of an own Facebook profile are eligible.
Organizers as well as premium partners are excluded from the participation.
A participation of lottery agencies as well as with the help of automatically generated mass sendings is not permitted.

Inquiry of the winner, profit notification

From all comments two winners are determined by means of random generator. The winners are informed within 7 days after the end of the action period by the organizer via comment as well as via Facebook messenger and are asked to confirm (response) within seven days. In case the winners won't response within this term, a new winner will be raffled.


The organizer reserves himself the right to exclude participants in cases of offence against these conditions of participation, application of unauthorised aid or other manipulations. In these cases the prize can be deprived if necessary or be demanded back.

Untimely severance of the contest

The organizer reserves himself to break off the constest every time without preannouncement. Use is made in particular cases like technical issues (e.g., viruses in computer systems, manipulation or tissues in hardware and software) or for juridical reasons that can harm a proper realisation of the contest.

Data protection

Within the scope of the contest the organizer raises and uses necessary data only for the participation in the contest. All participant data - with the exception of the winners data - are extinguished after end of the contest again.


Organizer of the contest is B'jaks Trail-& Runningshop, J-.E.-Habert-Strasse 14, in 4810 Gmunden. The lottery does not stand in connection with Facebook and is not sponsored or supported in any manner by Facebook. Hence, there do not exist any legal entitlements. Inquiries and instructions regarding the contest must address the organizer and not Facebook.

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